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Product :- Acetobacter is Powder based biofertilizer which provide nitrogen to plants in available form for given crops. It is based on Acetobacter bacteria which works for nitrogen fixation in sugar cane and also catalyze the activity of hormones and enzymes.
Crops :- Acetobacter is Recommended in all sugar crops like Sugarcane, Sweet potato, Sweet Sorghum & Pineapple etc.
Product Advantages :- Acetobacter fix atmospheric nitrogen to amonia and provide to plant simply. It provide 25-30 kg N/ Hectar/ year in soil. It increases sugar percentage in plant and fruit.

Direction for Use :- Seed Treatment : Mix 100-200ml Acetobacter with 200ml gum/Arabica/ Jaggery(gud) with 10-20kg seeds Homogeneons mixed in slurry. Dry in shade 20-30 minutes, before sowing.
Root/Bulb/seedling Treatment :- Mix 200- 500 ml Acetobacter in 20-30 Ltr of water in a container and dip the seedling for 20-30 minutes before transplantations.

Soil Treatment :- Mix 500-1000 ml of Acetobacter inoculant/acre mix with 50-100 kg  organic Manure Keep these mixture in shade for 5-7 days , maintaining moisture ,broadcast in one acre land.
Drip lrrigation System :- 1-2 liter inoculant to bo mixed with 200 ltrs of water and then injected in to drip irrigation system and uniformly irrigate one acre area.

For Standing crop :- After one month sowing, mix 1-2 ltr. of inoculant with approx 50 kg. FYM/Compost/Organic Manure and apply near the root region of standing crops of one acre area by drilling method and irrigate the soil immediately or treat one acre area through drip Irrigation system.

Storage :- “Store in cool place away from direct sun light and heat”
Precaution:- Use before the expiry date and do not expose to direct sun light or heat. Use only for the crop mentioned. Bio Fertilizer is not a chemical fertilizer hence do not mix inoculated seeds or inoculant with agro chemicals.


Acetobacter: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters in India

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