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Useful for
• Azotobactor also produces some substances which check the growth of harmful plant pathogens such as Altenaria, Fusarium, Rhizoctinia, Sclerotium and Helminthosporium.
• Assimilates atmospheric nitrogen (ammonia) for plants.

Azotobacter Powder
107 – 109 cfu/gm
Useful in all the crops as seed dresser @ 5-10 gm/kg seed and as soil input @ 500 – 1000 gm/acre along with 40-50 kg manure.

Azotobacter Liquid
109 cfu/ml

• Seed & Seedling treatment : 3 ml/Lit water. Seeds and seedlings are to be dipped in the solution.
• Spray treatment : 2 ml/Lit. water in all field crops, vegetables etc. and 1 ml/ Lit. water in fruit crops as high volume spray.
• Fertilization by Drip : 250-500 ml/acre either alone or in combination with any other inputs which are given through drips.


Azotobacter: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters in India

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