Carrier Based Consortia (N.P.K)

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Carrier Based Consortia (N.P.K)

Carrier Based Consortia (N.P.K)

Product Details:

Bio Npk is a Powder microbial formulation containing free living nitrogen fixing phosphate solubilizing and potash mobilizing bacteria . It fixes free atmospheric nitrogen and solubilize phosphorus and mobilize potassium into available form for all crops. Bio NPK enhance percentage of seed germination and better seedling vigour.

Recommended Crops : All crops (Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Grapes, Pomegranate, Apple, Citrus, Cotton, Ground nut, Banana, Tea, Coffee and Coconut etc.)

Direction for Use : Seed Treatment. : 250 ml content of the bottle is sufficient enough to treat the seeds required for one acre area. Mix the inoculate with seeds gently with the minimum amount of water taking care to avoid damage seed coat. Dry the inoculated seed under shade over clean surface gunny bag and sow them immediately.

Root/Bulb/Seedling Treatment : for one acre sowing make solution of 250- 500 ml inoculate in 25-30 Ltr portable (ordinary) water. Plant root/Seedlings/bulbs are dipped for 30 minutes in culture solution and immediately sow in cold weather time.

Soil Treatment : 1-2 ltr of Bio NPK inoculate/acre mix with 50 kg FYM/compost/Inderdhanush organic fertilizer or as per farmers practice and evenly broadcast at the time of last ploughing before first irrigation and irrigate the soil immediately.

Drip Irrigation System : 1-2 ltrs inoculate to be mixed with 200 ltrs of water and then injected into drip irrigation system and uniformly irrigate one acre area.


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