PSB Phosphorus (Phosphorus Solubilising Bacteria)

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P.S.B (Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria)

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Phosphorus is the second main nutrient for the development of the plant. It has a major role in the growth of crop. It is a balanced mixture of bacteria. It changes the insoluble phosphorus

available in the soil when it is treated for seed treatment or soil treatment, in a soluble form which is easily used by the plant. Instruction for using- Soil treatment: 2-4 kg/250-500 ML has to be

mixed with organic compost and keep it in cool and dry place for some time. This can be used at the time of sowing of products or standing crops. Seed treatment: Make a solution by

mixture100-200 gm of jaggery in water. Then mix 200 gm/100 ML liquid. Finally mix this solution with 10-12 kg of seeds and make sure that dry it properly before sowing of the seeds. Spraying:

– Use 200-500 ml Organic manure per acre before sprouting in the crop. Crops: – In all types of crops such as wheat, sugarcane, pulses, vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants etc.


PSB Phosphorus (Phosphorus Solubilising Bacteria): Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters in India

MD Agrotech is Leading PSB Phosphorus (Phosphorus Solubilising Bacteria) Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters in North India. We provide Fine Quality with Satisfaction & Best Low Price in India.

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Bentonite Granules

Physical Parameters
Test Parameters Permissible Specifications
1. Size 10:20, 12:25, 16:35
2. Physical Appearance Black (Free Flowing) Granules
3. Moisture Maximum 1%
4. Liquid Holding Capacity (% by Mass.) 18 – 20
Chemical Parameters
Test Parameters Permissible Specifications
1. Ph (10% Solution at 25 Degree Cel) 5.0 TO 7.5
Microbial Parameters
Test Parameters Permissible Specifications
1. Total Viable Count Not more than 10,000 CFU / gm

Bentonites are used in :

  • Carrier in formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bio-pesticides, Plants growth promoter and Bio-fertilizers.
  • Binder in medium and high-grade casting, in foundry industry, in palletizing iron ore etc.
  • In cement and concrete mix in construction of dams, canals, reservoirs
  • As drilling mud in water well and oil well drilling
  • Paper, ceramic, lubricant, soap and detergent, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, insecticide, etc.
  • For purification, clarification and discoloration of oil, sewage, industrial waste liquors, food and beverage, etc
  • As an additive to soil for preservation of its fertility.

Bentonite Granules Manufacturers

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Bentonite Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers in India