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Rhizobium Bacterial live symbiotically inside nodules of leguminous plant in which the plant provides them with food (carbon) and the rhizobia produce nitrogen which the plant can use. Applicable on leguminous crops.

Rhizobium powder
107 – 109 cfu/gm

Useful in all the crops as seed dresser @ 5-10 gm/kg seed and as soil input @ 500 – 1000 gm/acre along with 40-50 kg manure.

Rhizobium Liquid
• 2x109 cfu / ml
• Seed Treatment : @3-5ml/kg
• Seedling Application : @ 125-250ml/kg in 25-50 lit of water.
• Soil Application : @ 500-625ml/ha in
• Root Application : Drip Irrigation @ 500-625ml/ha
• Foliar spray : Disolve @100ml /acre in 200lit. water and spray near the root of the plant in the morning /evening hours.

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